Give a little... and recieve something awesome

The KayneCraft project is funded by me, being carried out in my spare time. Ad revenue from pack downloads helps keep this site afloat. Further donations would secure my ability to dedicate more time to the project, including the possiblity of running servers and creating videos.

If you donate I'm willing to offer something in return, you give, I'll give something back:-

Donate anything:- Your name on the wall of donors.

Donate £3:- The above and send me a picture of a build you would like to become a painting in the pack.

Donate £6:- All of the above, also a hand drawn custom avatar like mine or signature for forum use for you.

Donate £10:- All of the above and a mob variant of your choosing into the pack (try not to go too mental with requests).

Donate £20:- All of the above and a gift from my steam inventory.

if you donate, please message me on the Minecraft Forums and let me know so we can talk about a gift


  1. DazzleMuffinz - Spider-jockey painting - "Thanks Dazzle a much appreciated start to donations :-)"
  2. A.M - no painting recieved - "I'm grateful for the donation :-) please contact me with a possible build you'd like to be a painting in the pack"
  3. ExBuck of the Medieval Z Server - Avatar, villager and painting complete "Thank you very much for the donation, your support is greatly appreciated :-)"
  4. JagThunder of Thunderous Productions
    (Avatar, villager and other assets complete) "The donation and your continuing support is muchly appreciated  :-D"
  5. P. Gibson - (Avatar Complete) "Thank you for the support, it is very much appreciated :-)"
  6. GremlinDan -(Avatar complete and painting in the pack) "Thank you very much for the donation and kind words of support :-)"
  7. AceAttack9 - "Thanks very much for the donation :-) any further donations you make will go towards a gift"
  8. Kasparesky - (Avatar, signature and painting going into the pack next update) "Thanks very much for donating to the pack :-) your support is very much appreciated"
  9. Sheepdog - (organising gifts) "As with anyone choosing to donate, your support means a lot to me I hope you continue to enjoy my work for many years to come :-)"
  10. Gerry503 - (oragnising gifts) "Your donation and support is hugely appreciated :-) thanks very much"